While a lot of people lament about whether to make art when they are not feeling inspired, I say, show up anyway.

This is a sacred relationship. All relationships require that we bring our whole selves in an intimate and vulnerable way.

Making art and making love are one in the same.

This is a love affair and this is a spiritual PRACTICE, which means devotion and discipline are part of the game. And our good friend, “Inspiration” is more likely to find us if we are showing up and committed. Truly, we make it  hard on ourselves when we create long lapses between art-making, and then end up spending our time THINKING about getting back to the studio…it becomes agonizing and the longer we wait, the more ‘stiff’ our creative muscle becomes….and of course, our goal is to stay fluid. But we must earn the right to be in the zone…and there is just no substitute for time in front of the canvas.

We all want the magic, the thrill, the inspired strokes that seem to come from a source beyond our own doing. We long to be swept away by the Mystery, yet she can only meet us INSIDE the process.


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