There are some paintings that require long periods of time to make their way into being. Some, like this one, reveal a psychic journey. The story unfolds as I follow the images through each transition. It’s a language all it’s own, and takes great patience to allow the movement from phase to phase to have its own rhythm…..I am the scribe.


Welcome to her Journey

In an earlier stage, she appeared with a light body wearing wings and roses…encountering a male figure….next she moved into him, her body deepened in color, and a golden veil rose, with light strands of blue, and EGG appeared!  Then she began coming into form stronger and at the same time…dissolving…I wasn’t sure what was happening here….was she turning to face forward…why was her head so light? I felt a lot of anger rise at this point toward the masculine…so I wrote out the words to give them a voice..

She continued on…two roses in her heart, new life in her womb…he retreated into the shadow…]and here is where she is now….I am totally in love with her…she tells me she is nearly complete with her journey…This painting has been in process for 5 months now…her message is still coming to me….but I am very patient to allow the encoded language to reveal itself…for the past 2 years I have been aware of the deepening relationship between my inner divine feminine and sacred masculine – both becoming stronger. As a woman devoted to my full shakti flow and expression in life, I need the strong riverbanks of healthy boundaries and the ability to stand as guardian for myself. I do this by saying ‘no’ to anything that is not aligned with my soul and well-being. I say ‘yes’ to the instinctual and intuitive heart prompts – the sacred desires of my heart and move forward in trust. As I do so, new life is born through me. I am an eternal vessel of unlimited creative force.

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