Empowering the Rise of the Feminine Soul through Creativity

This is a course for women reclaiming their wisdom voice, 

designed for beginner and intermediate level painters.

Step by Step Guidance for three paintings!

Allow your soul to lead the way

Experience a spirit-filled path of painting, accessing your own deep wisdom. We are utilizing paint as a portal to our soul. How we move through the painting process IS the course. Staying present to our experience is the practice, as we allow our inner Guide to reveal our story in ways we could not hear before.

What you will learn

  • How to listen and Trust your Intuitive Voice
  • The basic mechanics of face structure, proportion and contouring
  • How color, contrast and composition strengthens your painting voice
  • Easy to follow videos demonstrating THREE APPROACHES to painting the feminine, including limited palette, vibrant color, and translucence  
  • Step by step instructions  
  • The magic of holding art as a mirror, a powerful teacher of transformation
  • Tips on relating to your inner critic so it can chill out and you can move on 🙂 
  • Open the door to Beauty and reclaim your creative birthright!

What's included

  • All course materials are immediately DOWNLOADABLE, and includes 3+ hours of instruction and 16 painting videos. 
  • Pdf’s of templates and written lesson instructions 
  • Inspiration and support in deepening your Intuition & artistic Voice
  • A Guided Visualization to connect with Source
  • Part 1 offers basic painting techniques for painting the feminine face, while Part 2 introduces the intuitive “Allowing” approach encouraging Trust in your own Internal Guidance  

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I am honored to share my Signature course with you! 15 years ago I dared to embrace my Creativity, and something magical happened when the divine feminine took my hand and held the brush. She whispered each stroke to me, guiding me into Her mystery. 


Once I allowed this Joy and Trust to deepen, my heart and life broke open in unimaginable ways. It is my passion to share this deep River of Beauty with you. 


See you in the studio!


With love and gratitude,


What students are saying…

“Flora Aube is a generous, authentic and skilled teacher that supports her students in every way. The content is huge, beginning with a short and excellent lesson on face drawing and limited pallet painting. Included are the various processes of complete paintings, written materials, visualization and ritual and a patient, clear teaching style. Most of all it is Flora’s reverence for the Divine Feminine and inner light that attracted me and will keep me coming back for more of her teaching. The price of the course, for all of the content and quality is more than generous.”  ~  J.M. , Puerto Rico 

“I loved the Art of Allowing Self Paced course. Flora really gives clear instruction on techniques which allow for playfulness and growth in painting. I found the Art of Allowing was a different means to work with one’s inner feminine, plus learning other techniques added to the fun of painting. It has been a wonderful journey.”  ~  D.K., USA

“I noticed today that since I began this journey, and a daily practice of connecting and painting everyday, although everything is falling apart around me, I feel so at peace and confident. I am amazed with it. In the past I would be scared and in a panic…now I think, “I will go to the canvas”  .”  I feel so protected and supported.”  ~ S.M., Spain

“Flora you are amazing! Thank you so much for being you, and thank you so much for giving AOA for all us beautiful women around the world! I longed for the connection, and I longed for taking myself further!
I had no idea, that it would go so far 😉

I have done the course before, this was the second time, this was the time, I was really ready and brave enough!!! Because this is not “just” a course in how to paint, and yes it is also a course in how to paint, we get so many good tools in how to create, but it is so much more!!! It is also letting go, and letting in 😉 It is a journey. A strong brave journey home in self and home in the connection with the pure divine feminine spirit! It is such a strong journey!” ~ A.N., Denmark

“I feel as if I am seeing myself so much more clearly, and more easily able to pause before I respond to people and life. I can consciously choose how I want my energy state to be. AMAZING! The creativity and energy I have is something I have been desiring for a few years.” ~ B.C., Australia

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