Lesson 6 – Beyond Technique – BONUS

Beyond Technique - Dancing in the Unknown

This is not a technique and it is not a step to ‘master’. It is an invitation to walk in the Unknown. It requires Trust and Surrender every step of the way. There is no map, no guideline, no formula, no right way, no wrong way.  


What I love most about the Mystery, is that by definition, she cannot be fully known, controlled, predicted, manipulated or mastered. She can only be experienced. 


She will come as a dance partner and entice you IN when you have found your delight at the edge of Unknowing. 


Below are two examples of pure ‘Allowing’ after “releasing’ a basic painting.

Abstract Expressionism

In this demonstration I am painting wet on wet without stopping for 1 hour. I used all kinds of tools and marks and movements to release my rational thinking and simply get lost in spontaneous, intuitive Flow. 


Before painting in this style, I like to warm up with dancing to clear the thinking mind, and drop into my body and the delight of spontaneity!  

Practicing Deep Listening in the Art of Allowing

“Prayers for Peace” was created during the first Divine Feminine course. I’ve received countless messages from women over the past 4 years exclaiming how powerful it’s been.


You’ll see me ‘releasing’ layer after layer, allowing Her to transition and authentically emerge. Our dialogue took place over several weeks.

She told me her name is "Prayers for Peace", and this is the wisdom of HerStory...

I am ‘Prayers For Peace’. I have come to heal the suffering of humankind with the blessing of radical compassion. True peace is born within the stillness of the heart, and cannot be shaken by the noise of the outside world.


 The long journey home may take you through many dark gateways. When you feel lost, return to ‘Self Honoring’ and the key will magically appear. Embrace the Mysteries of the deep, dark spaces and you will discover the secrets of light. This burning is holy ground, and is necessary for purification.


The heroine makes the journey for herself, as well as her sisters and brothers. You are becoming a vessel made of  dove’s wings….so that you may hold  the whole world.”

Music credit and permission granted for all videos used in this course: “Naturaleza” & “Lunita” by Danit  https://danit.bandcamp.com/releases
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