Lesson 3 – The Art of Allowing & the Inner Process

The Art of Allowing & the Inner Process

We are encoded with the powerful gift of Intuition. The ‘Art of Allowing’ is more than simply painting on a canvas; it’s walking with the Unknown, courageously willing to witness whatever shows up. It’s radical trust in our inner Guidance, and it’s falling in love with the Mystery Herself.

Dealing with the Inner Critic

If you tend to be hard on yourself, and afraid to ‘get it wrong’, please know that meeting up with the inner critic is very common for all of us – especially when we’re learning something new. Sometimes, this critic is very harsh and is a downright bully that takes over our joy and can shut us down if we let it. The moment we recognize our joy has been hijacked, it’s time to pause and shift our perspective. We are actively re-patterning our thought process from being overly judgmental to knowing how to re-enter the FLOW by choice. Re-focus on what is going right, and inquire, “What am I loving about what’s happening?” and move from THIS place. Creativity thrives in an environment of acceptance.

Everything we experience during this course IS the process

The divine feminine loves us so much that she is relentless in her desire to draw us close. We may experience times of incredible joy and bliss, and other moments, come face to face with old wounds of ‘not enough-ness’, insecurities, resistance and challenge. Whenever we try something new, these feelings often get triggered. Allow them to surface, hold them with love and they will eventually release their grip. Art is a wondrous mirror that reflects our soul’s terrain – all the magnificent Beauty as well as the gremlins – our inner critic. We can design a different relationship with our inner critic, and in doing so, open a whole new world! As we learn to hold a safe container for ourselves, our soul has room to breathe, and feel safe. Safety inspires trust, which liberates our soul to flourish!

Exploring  Beauty

Sometimes as a beginner, we believe that there is one correct way to ‘do’ art.  Remember that the ultimate guide is your own Intuition and the way BEAUTY wants to reveal Herself through YOU. 

Allow your perception of Beauty to come from Inner Sight and Truth.

Walking in the Unknown requires faith and courage.

We are building our courage muscle so more Life can flow through us.

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