Lesson 2 – Contouring with a Limited Palette

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Light and Shadow Dance Together

These are our Mantras for the Journey

“I trust myself”

“What do I love about what’s happening?” 

“I give myself permission to be a beginner”

Simple Values Template

Here is an easy reference for painting light, medium and dark tones on the face. Create one of your own on watercolor paper before moving to the canvas. 

Feel free to copy/paste this Simple Values Template

Contouring with a Limited Palette

Painting the Foundation Layer

Contouring with Darks and Lights

Deepening with Glaze

Quick Demo - Deepening with Layers

Here’s an example of how you can restructure the face if you need to. You’ll also see how you can create a rich, contoured portrait by applying many thin layers with a limited palette.

In this painting, I used a limited palette, applying many thin layers to create depth.  

“Prayers for Peace” by Flora Aube

Optional Quick Study Bonus Challenge  

Try a 3/4 Profile with a limited palette using any color + thinning medium. Focus on placing the values in the right place instead of perfecting details. I used Payne’s Grey, Teal, and White with a scribble of Inktense pencil on the hair for added energy at the end. Don’t be afraid of using dark tones – these enhance the beauty of the light.
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