Creating Sacred Space

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The Art of Allowing is an invitation to the sacred relationship with our soul

It’s a  co-creative dance with the Divine Feminine in which we Listen deeply, stay curious and follow Her lead. 

When we close the door to the noise of the outside world, our attention falls to the wisdom arising within.  As we devote ourselves to honoring spaciousness, our creative life Flows, our intuition deepens, and intimacy with the Mystery grows! 

Let’s ease in, allowing a gentle Softening to lead the way…

You will learn many wonderful things during this course and the most important is

Creating Sacred Space

Create your Studio Space so it is free of clutter and feels inspiring! 

Whether you have a designated studio, a separate room in your home, part of the dining room or the kitchen table, it makes no difference;  the Creative Spirit has called you, and will flow anywhere there is an opening. 


Allow your Intuition to guide you…..consider fresh flowers, plants, incense, candles, music, sacred objects, photos, elements of nature. Listen to what your inner artist wants. Be creative…we are invoking a playful holy encounter, a sacred meeting, a wild dance with Spirit. Let it be as simple or extravagant as you like!

Create an Altar to anchor your connection 

Choose items to place on your altar which symbolize your connection to the Divine Feminine. Your altar will be the outer reflection of your inner dedication to your soul’s process. Keep it refreshed throughout the journey and allow it to empower and nourish you. 


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