A Space to Create

Creating is a such a private, holy encounter with the Mystery…and as artists, we make do with what we have to work with…. for years I painted in a small section of my dining room, which I cleared away whenever dinner guests came over.  When we finally built a designated art studio, oddly enough, it […]

Gentle remembering

“I return to the beating of my Heart, the place of feminine knowing where all the maps have burned away and this sacred moment rises to receive me.

Paintings are encoded

There are some paintings that require long periods of time to make their way into being. Some, like this one, reveal a psychic journey. The story unfolds as I follow the images through each transition. It’s a language all it’s own, and takes great patience to allow the movement from phase to phase to have […]

We are born this way

My granddaughter Gwen, is one of my greatest teachers…she reminds me how to be open to life, in love with the experience of being Alive and full of Joy. Creativity pours through her naturally…she is a vessel that has not closed down. Every single day co-we create Life. Of course there are many elements we […]

Show Up

While a lot of people lament about whether to make art when they are not feeling inspired, I say, show up anyway. This is a sacred relationship. All relationships require that we bring our whole selves in an intimate and vulnerable way. Making art and making love are one in the same.

Allowing What Is

  Whether painting, or in life we need to practice letting go and surrendering, to release, to MOVE…allowing the spontaneous, alive gestures to lead. The practice of opening to face Life as it is, is rich and deep and courageous.

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