Mystery is the teacher, Intuition is the Guide

Creating is a doorway to the Soul.
Opening the passage of intuitive creativity is my passion.
Sharing the remembrance of Soul with others is my joy.

I am inspired by the triumphant human spirit.

I am dedicated to the path of the heart, and the vision of global peace for the World Soul.


Like Nature, we move through continual cycles of death and rebirth, and the creative process is my spiritual practice.

Feminine imagery as a universal symbol of re-generation shows up often on my canvas. Each painting serves to transmit storied wisdom in hopes  to inspire a remembrance of the inherent goodness and bounty of life.

I am fascinated by the liminal spaces between the physical world and the mysterious spirit realm. This quality of spirit is conveyed through soft, undefined places and edges. During the creation process, I access intuition, instinct and wisdom.

My process involves many layers embedded into the canvas, allowing for an emergence of form over time. It honors the natural cycles of death – the PROCESS of continually ‘letting go’ in order to honor a new revelation and rebirth.

The canvas captures a conversation of ‘soul talk’; I listen intently, recording what I ‘hear’ by responding with layers of color and shapes, transparent effects and allowing organic imagery to emerge.

I began my work in the healing arts 40 years ago with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, bodywork training, leadership education and spiritual studies. The integration of body, mind and spirit infuses my approach and intuitive style; staying attentive to the inner Process while co-creating with Spirit to birth something brand new into the world. 

In 2012 I left the corporate world and followed a dream to paint and facilitate others to paint with Spirit. The “art of allowing”, an Intuitive-based approach was born which is grounded in deep listening and RECEIVING information from the Soul. 

In addition to creating online courses, I’ve trained over 100 facilitators to teach the art of allowing process. 

My paintings can be found in collections around the world, and have been featured for Awakening Women Institute,, Horizon’s Magazine, and licensed by Blue Angel Publishing.


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