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Last summer an amazing thing happened: a bunch of women in 2 of my classses began painting
images of their beautiful, sensual bodies….without any prompting!

I KNEW it was time.

It was time to enter the sacred domain of the body and allow it to speak to us.
time to re-claim our bodies from the patriarchy,
time to re-define beauty on our own terms,
time to re-invent our stories about sacred sensuality.

This is a big deal.
I get that these are shaky waters…..there’s  lots of mud to wade through


the collective feminine has suffered long enough from the abusive
brain washing of our dominant culture, religions, and media!

We’re drawing a line in the sand.
We’re taking back our bodies, choosing our own beliefs, re-writing the feminine script, and
we’re OWNING IT.

How? Through the power of conscious art-making and Trusting our bodies to speak.

All women possess wild instinct, intuition and  magic…once we drop the layers of
over-domestication and sugary ‘nice girl’ facade.

After six months of collaboration with my sisters Ree Altavilla, Arielle Star and Vicky Stata,
we are thrilled to bring “Sensual Innocence” to you. We come from 4 very different backgrounds
and experiences, and together we represent all women. Hours and hours have been devoted to

creating exercises and art prompts that are designed to open you to your own answers and
empower the brilliant, magnificent, sensual, sacred, innocent creature you ARE.

It is truly a labor of love.

I am blown away by the dedication, courage, and authenticity that has gone into this offering.
I know it will change some lives.
So for those of you who are already enrolled, Congratulations! and Thank you! You have inspired us
with your trust.

For those who’d like to know more, here are the details. We’d love to have you join us.

It’s a new year, a new beginning, a new time for a new feminine power.


With love,


ps: The painting above is “Lilith’s Sacrifice”…a WIP, and you’ll see me painting more with her in the class….

Sensual Innocence e-course

Do you feel the calling? What would it be for you? Read more about this amazing new e-course here

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