Temple of Beauty by Flora Aube

It is time…

It us time to enter the sacred domain of the body and allow it to speak to us.
time to re-claim our bodies from the patriarchy,
time to re-define beauty on our own terms,
time to re-invent our stories about sacred sensuality.

This is a big deal.
I get that these are shaky waters…..there’s  lots of mud to wade through


the collective feminine has suffered long enough from the abusive
brain washing of our dominant culture, religions, and media!

We’re drawing a line in the sand.
We’re taking back our bodies, choosing our own beliefs, re-writing the feminine script, and
we’re OWNING IT.

How? Through the power of conscious art-making and Trusting our bodies to speak.

All women possess wild instinct, intuition and  magic…once we drop the layers of
over-domestication and sugary ‘nice girl’ facade.

I am blown away by the dedication, courage, and authenticity of women forging real change.

It takes grace and whole lot of GRIT.

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