Art heals the Soul and restores Beauty

The power of creativity is a gift…

Like a mirror, art reflects the state of our inner world and connects us to our Intuitive intelligence and unique expression.

Listen Explore Respond

Hello! I'm Flora Aube and I'm happy you're here!

I’m dedicated to the healing arts with a deep connection to 

body, mind and spirit,

and my process is a dance between mystery and intuition.

Through countless hours of play, layers, experimentation, failures and successes,

 a unique Art Voice rises.

Visit my Divine Feminine Gallery and enjoy exploring inspired art

A simple figure is the center of this collection, yet deep passages of color are informed by personal emotions and experiences. I do not have a preconceived idea before beginning. 

The image appears while a conversation in paint moves in poetic whispers of Intuition, into a vast chaotic soup upon the canvas.

Through deep listening and responding, attunement takes place

with Spirit and eventually an Emergence of form appears. 

Nature reminds us who we are. 

Not separate, but part OF the whole.

We belong to the infinite web of BEing

as well as one another. 

I love the way the Mystic quality of luminous light

dances amidst the elements 

and invites us to enter.

In a world that seeks conformity, I hold a light for our authentic truth as artists. 

Interested in learning with me?

I offer classes based on an Intuitive approach of “allowing”. The magic and mystery of the soul is held within each of us. When we pay attention and honor our personal PROCESS, an authentic Voice rises and this is thrilling!

You’ll find Full Support courses scheduled throughout the year with live engagement and instructor feedback, plus Self Pace, on demand classes with immediate access.

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