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I love teaching the ART OF ALLOWING, my Intuitive approach to painting. The language of the soul is imagery, and if we pay attention, we are guided by internal prompts. When we let go of our rational, linear mind and TRUST the process, magic happens!

Our feminine flow has a rhythm all it’s own, but the busyness of the world makes it easy to disconnect. I can help you re-member how to deeply listen – feeling when it’s time to move and when to be still, when to charge forward, and when to sit in our breath. When we tune into our internal wisdom and commune with Spirit, we become a midwife of Beauty. This is the high art of embodying the Priestess within, fully empowered with access to our divine gifts of Creativity. Join me!

– Flora

A Self Pace Program for beginner painters

Experience a spirit-filled path of painting, of expressing outside the lines, and accessing deep wisdom. We are utilizing paint as a portal to our soul. How we move through the painting process IS the course. Staying present to our experience is our practice as we allow our muse to tell our story in ways we could not hear before.


  • Easy to follow, powerful videos in how to paint the divine feminine,
  • Gentle guidance and support in deepening your intuition, & artistic Voice,
  • Witness the wisdom arising from your soul, 
  • The magic of holding art as a mirror and powerful teacher of transformation,
  • New ways of relating to your critic’s voice so it can relax and give up control,
  • Uncensored permission to play, engage, and celebrate your creative Self,
  • Open the door to Beauty, and reclaim your Worth.

PLEASE NOTE: This is my flagship program and a brand new, revised version will be released for Self Study April 2018. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to be notified. 



If you want to stretch your creative soul and loosen up, this is a fun exploration in abstract realism. We get to play with many techniques and tools and allow our inner artist to lead the way in an adventurous way. It’s about occupying the space between form and non-form, and discovering what our individual style preferences are. A wide variety of exercises are offered through landscape and portrait artwork. No prior experience necessary.


JANUARY 19 - APRIL 28, 2018


This feminine leadership training is designed to prepare you to facilitate the Basic “Art of Allowing” principles with other women. We learn how to teach simple techniques, but more importantly, how to hold space to allow others to access their Intuitive guidance and soul expression. This course is by application. Participation in one of my other art courses is a prerequisite, although exceptions may be considered if you are an Art Therapist.

JANUARY 19 – APRIL 28, 2018

Art of Allowing Facilitator Training



For more Online Courses & Live Retreats based on the “Allowing” Approach, visit the Academy.